We offer a range of hire services for theatre productions in South Wales. You can see what products we’re offering on this page. Your final quotation will include damage cover and a flat-fee deposit which will be returned to you as long as the product comes back in the same condition it left us. You can enquire more through contacting us on [email protected].

Behringer X32 Digital Mixing Console

The Behringer X32 Digital Mixing Console offers 32 channels of stereo input alongside digital graphic EQ and a handful on on-board effects which makes it suitable for a range of different productions.

Carlsbro Beta 115

Comes as a pair, these classic Carlsbro Beta 115s have been upgraded to feature a Speakon connector which renews their lifespan again. They work well as a general PA, in small and medium rooms.
Features a 1 x 15″ speaker and a separate tweeter.

The t.amp E4-250

The t.amp E4-250 features 4x 250 W per channel at 8 ohm, 4x 400 W per channel at 4 ohm.
With XLR input from your mixer and Speakon out, cables can be provided on request.
Warning: This amp weighs approxmiately 15kg.